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Friday, January 4, 2008

Coin Magic Trick

Here is a coin magic trick you can do. It is easy but will require practice to make it perfect.

You will only need 2 coins. I would use a penny and a nickel.

The trick is to have a piece in the hand of someone and have their palm facing upward with the coin sitting in their hand. You will tell them you are going to to try to snatch up the penny before they can close their fingers around it. You hold your hand with your digits almost together over the palm of the person having the cent sitting there. You will try to go straight down onto their skin and quickly pick up the penny with your thumb and first three fingers.

What they are going to think is that they can close their hand quicker and you cannot get the coin. They think this because they still feel a circular object but when they open their hand it reveals a nickel instead of the penny.

Learning the Trick:

Get a friend to help you with this. They will know the trick as well but you need the practice to become very smooth and swift.

You will want to put a penny in your friends hand. Put the nickel on your palm in the crease between your thumb and crease. Cross your finger in slightly and you turn your hand over with the back part facing up. Hold your hand with fingers all together like you are ready to snatch up the other coin. The nickel is held in your palm by the crease of muscle between your thumb and skin.

As you go down tell your friend not to close their hand right away as your are practicing. Pick up the penny and quickly drop the nickel at the exact same time into their palm from your hand. Then tell your friend to close their fist. Keep practicing this and as you get better tell your friend to close their hand quickly as the magic trick was intended.

Once you have it down well do the trick to people in an audience. Do not reveal the cent in your hand only let the person open their fist in which they think they still have the penny and reveal a nickel.

This is an excellent coin magic trick to perform for kids.

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Lesa Bolt is a contributor to http://magictricks.fetching.us